Make Browsing Easier and More Enjoyable with GboxApp

I’m a big fan of multifunction and multipurpose software. It annoys having to run several separate programs just to perform small tasks like some calculations or currency conversions. Blame it on the makers of operating systems that until now you still have to do multiple clicks to be able to run programs that do ordinary tasks ideally bundled in a more intuitive interface. Thankfully, I’ve encountered GboxApp.

What Is GboxApp?

GboxApp is a software tool particularly designed for Internet users. It provides an extensive set of tools often used by those who frequent the Internet. An all-in-one package, this software makes it easy to access, interact, and have fun on the web. My only worry, though, is that the software does not seem to enjoy a good reputation online. Searching for “GboxApp” on Google leads to a number of sites that put it in bad light. Still, I’m giving it a try.

Tools Offered by GboxApp

The software provides various utility and entertainment applications. These applications make it more convenient to go online to do some research or work.

The utility applications include a calculator, cost management tool, calorie calculator, countdown timer, currency converter, world clock, world calendar, age calculator, thermometer, and a world market watch widget. I use separate applications similar to many of these. Having them in one interface is really something I appreciate. Of course, I tried other applications that could do something comparable but most of them required some fee so I end up just maximizing my trial period.

When it comes to entertainment applications, GboxApp offers a number of interesting games and trivial tools.  There’s the good old Pacman with a modernized look, the Tetris-based Tetrix game, random funny quotes, chess game, an 8-ball themed widget that answers questions, the challenging Sudoku game, and an age calculator that presents your age in various year figures using the year equivalents in other planets.

My Assessment

So far, I haven’t encountered hiccups using the software. My initial fears that it could possibly slow down my system were just fears after all. Everything worked nicely and snappily. By the way, my computer is still stuck on yesteryear’s hardware so I should say it’s really impressive how the software worked without causing problems.

Not a Malware

After some time of use, I can assure others who are interested in this software that it does not cause problems. Perhaps, the reason it has been tagged as a virus or malware is the lack of information about it. Many tend to be too cautious that freely-available but not so known applications are almost automatically considered as threats. Real tests may have not been on the software yet so antivirus tools are just trying to be overly cautious. Nevertheless, the GboxApp website comes with a McAfee SECURE seal.

GboxApp can be a useful application for web surfers. Based on my experience, it does not cause problems or any system slowdown. It may not be for everyone, though. The set of applications it provides may not address everyone’s needs. If you happened to install the software and found out that it’s not something you want or need, there should be no problems uninstalling it. Its website even provides a guide on uninstalling the software.

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Gboxapp – All In One Gadget

Virus Free Gboxapp – All In One Gadget

The Internet is already part of the everyday life of most people. It is used for work, studies and entertainment. Because of this, developers are continuously creating tools and programs to make browsing even more convenient to users. One of the newest applications that you can try is Gboxapp or GadgetBox. It offers important tools that you may find useful in one location. Whether you need calculator for your computation or you would like to play a game and relax, you don’t need to go elsewhere as everything is in one box; and that is GadgetBox! It is free from any malware and virus so your computer is safe.

 No, Gboxapp is NOT a Virus

A lot of people are asking if this new application is a virus. This fantastic program is 100% safe as it is completely free from virus or any other malicious software. Several people have tried downloading it on their computer and experienced nothing but convenience and fun. It doesn’t take much space on your system so it does not slow down your other programs or when browsing the web. Because of its rapidly increasing popularity, some of its competitors try to bring it down by spreading wrong information that it contains virus. Even if you run a scan on your computer, your antivirus protection will not detect it as a threat since this is a safe app. So if you are having second thoughts on downloading this program because of the said rumors, rest assured that your PC is safe. By using Gboxapp, you will have access to different gadgets, tools and fun apps in one place.


After downloading and installing the great and virus free GadgetBox on your computer, you can place a shortcut icon on your desktop for easy access. To do this, right click on the desktop, click Gadgets and double click on the Gboxapp icon. Click on the white button on the lower right corner of the icon to change your options to gadgets, fun or tools. Click Gadgets to access any of the applications below.

  • Delayed Cost – determine money lost for delayed projects.
  • Funny Quotes – get random quotes from well known people.
  • Age Calculator – determine your age in other planets and year figures.
  • Count Down – use this application for any count down.
  • Magic 8 Ball – you don’t need a psychic when you have this app.
  • World Market Watch – monitor indexes around the world with this widget.


Feel like playing a game? Gboxapp got you covered. Choose fun from the options and play any of these games.

  • Pacman
  • Tetrix
  • Sudoku
  • Chess


Choose the tools option to use any of the applications below.

  • Calculator – get the answer for simple to complicated computations with this tool.
  • Calorie Calculator – determine the total amount of calories consumed for the day.
  • Currency Converter – convert any currency quickly with this tool.
  • World Clock – want to find out what time is it on the other part of the world? Use the world clock tool.
  • World Calendar – learn about the special occasions and holidays in different countries by using this tool.
  • Thermometer – determine the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

All of these wonderful tools you can access in your Gboxapp. Download it now and experience the fun and convenience of this malware-free and virus-free app. This is not like any other free program that you download on the web that usually contains virus. GadgetBox is safe, tested and proven virus free!

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The Truth about the GBoxApp Toolbar


People spend too much time in the internet these days, and what better way to spend it with than hanging out and browsing in your very own internet Web browsers. Now, there are a lot of software’s that are readily available, and are even downloadable for free in the internet. One of these is the GBoxapp.

To start with, I have come to prove that the GBOXAPP IS NOT A VIRUS. It doesn’t do any harm to your computer at all, contrary to what much bad publicity say. It does not affect your computer’s performance.

I have not been a very big fan of installing browser toolbars. I try as much as I can not to install them because I just find them less helpful and I don’t like how they pile up in my browser. The more software you install, the more your software browser toolbars pile up, until your browser becomes cluttered with all sorts of toolbars from different software’s.

There is much bad publicity on toolbars being viruses. So before we proceed in accusing or generalizing these toolbars as viruses, let us first know the difference between a virus, a Trojan virus and a malware.

Malware, or malicious software, is the general term given to describe all viruses, worms, spyware, and generally anything that can cause harm to your computer or steal and modify information.

A virus is a type of malware that copies itself, replicates, and infects your computer. It spreads from one file to another, and then from one computer to another when the files are copied and shared.

A Trojan virus, or a Trojan Horse, appears like a legitimate file that came from a trusted source, tricking the user to download or open the file. It starts to do harm to your computer by messing with your files, such as changing your desktop, or adding icons, and can also delete files.

I don’t think all toolbars are really bad. Some are really useful, but you really have to evaluate first the toolbar that you will install, and if it comes from a source you can trust. Only install the ones that you really need, and just one type of similar applications. Toolbars can also help you in making your browsing experience faster and more convenient because of its features.

One application that I like is the GBoxapp. I like it because it is convenient for me and it simplifies my computer experience by providing all my applications in one box. There are a lot of companies out there, and some even go out of their ways to give bad reputation to their competitors. They even put out these bad publicities all over the internet, so my advice is for you to really evaluate the toolbar you want to install.

Since I like the GBoxapp, I checked it using different anti-virus programs. I even rechecked it a thousand times, at several occasions, and different dates just to really be sure and be cautious to protect my computer, but it is all clear. It is 100% virus-free. So, I conclude that it really is a good product and everyone can use it.

Also, many software toolbars try to steal your credit card information, and any other valuable data. But the GBoxapp, my current useful toolbar, is not capable of stealing this kind of information. Also, it doesn’t silently install in your computer. Right from the beginning when you download it and install it, the user knows what is going on and what he is about to do. He has the choice.

I’ve used it for months now, and I keep rechecking it with my anti-virus programs, and it still is all clear. It is one application I have come to trust. It hasn’t destroyed or slowed down my computer. I recommend it to any of you who might want to give it a try. Not even my disliking for toolbars has stopped me from using this application; and so far, it has lived up to my expectations.

I hope you found this article useful. Remember to be cautious with your toolbars. Only install the ones that come from a trusted source, or the ones that have been cleared from all your constant anti-virus checking programs. Also, just install those you truly need please. Give your browser space and keep it clutter-free.

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GBoxApp (Term of Use)


The GadgetBox (GBoxApp) application is an application designed to contain different developed tools from the internet into a single location. The application applies the concept of having web–based tools in an accessible and easy–to–use box or location.

To install the GBoxApp application, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to: http://www/
2. From the Web page header, select Download to download the application. The application displays the following screen:

3. Select Save File.
Note: By default, the application is saved into your computer’s Downloads folder.
4. Navigate to your computer’s Downloads folder (or locate the folder that contains Web downloads), and run gadgetbox.exe. The application displays a confirmation message to permit the application to make changes to your computer.
Note: The gadgetbox.exe has the following icon:

5. Select Yes to install the application. The application displays the Terms of Use screen.

6. Select the check box of the Install the GadgetBox toolbar option.
7. Select Accept to accept the licensing terms. The application installs, and displays the following screen:

8. Select Next. The application displays the following screen:

9. Select Finish to close the screen. The application has been installed on your computer.
Note: To uninstall the GBoxApp, see the following video:
Accessing the GBoxApp
When the GBoxApp is installed in your computer, it automatically creates the following icons in your computer desktop:

GadgetBox—App Use this tool to access the web–based tools. The tools are categorized into the following:
• Fun
• Tools
• Gadgets

To access the tools in the GBoxApp, follow this step:
• Click the box in the GadgetBox—App icon. This displays Gadgets, Tools, or Fun texts in the thought bubble.
To access the games from the GBoxApp, follow these steps:
1. Click the box in the GadgetBox—App icon, until the thought bubble displays Fun.
2. Click the thought bubble. The application displays the following games:

3. Select one of the following games:
• Tetrix
• Pacman
• Chess
• Sudoku
The application automatically displays the game.
To access the tools from the GBoxApp, follow these steps:
1. Click the box in the GadgetBox—App icon, until the thought bubble displays Tools.
2. Click the thought bubble. The application displays the following tools:

3. Select one of the following tools:
• Calculator
• Delayed Cost
• Currency Converter
• World Clock
• World Calendar
• Thermometer
The application automatically displays the tool.
To access the Gadgets from the GBoxApp, follow these steps:
1. Click the box in the GadgetBox—App icon, until the thought bubble displays Gadgets.
2. Click the thought bubble. The application displays the following gadgets:

3. Select one of the following gadgets:
• Calorie Calculator
• Funny Quotes
• Count down
• Magic 8 ball
• Age calculator
• World market watch
The application automatically displays the gadget.

Example: In the following screenshot, the World Calendar tool is accessed from the GadgetBox—App:

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GBoxApp – All Your Favorite Tools in One Box

In life, simple and practical gadgets like the pocket knife, give us the convenience and efficiency of having a variety of tools from one gadget. From the simple pocket knife, other tools like a knife, scissor, can or wine opener, etc. come in handy to serve its purpose in our day-to-day lives. Just the same, we also need an application that would hold a variety of virtual applications that we need to experience the virtual world in a convenient and efficient way.

We all know that the Internet hosts a lot of free applications, or tools that were developed to assist users to accomplish a task easily. However, most of these tools are quite tricky to find. You would have to search them in the Internet, and probably, would need to individually install these applications.

The GadgetBox (GBox) is an application designed to contain different developed tools from the internet into a single location. This application applies the concept of having web–based tools concentrated in an accessible and easy–to–use box or location. Plus, all the applications and tools included in the GBoxApp were all selected to fit your most practical daily needs.

Simplicity. Convenience. Ease. These must have been clearly what the developers had in mind when they developed the GBoxApp.

The GBoxApp has the following advantages:

  • Free download – The application is totally free. Just download it from and you’re ready to use this application.
  • Easy-to-use – Using the GBoxApp is completely hassle-free. You can just click and select any tool you want to access, and it instantly launches the tool.
  • Easy-to-remove – GBoxApp comes with a toolbar that the user can disable or uninstalleasilyanytimehe wants.
  • Convenient  –  Since the GBoxApp is basically a box-full of tools and applications, you would not have the need to search your way through the Internet, just to access your favorite tool. All you have to do is just to launch your preferred tool from the GBoxApp.
  • Time saver –  Accessing the tools you need from a single “box” definitely saves you a lot of time.

You can use all these tools in the GBoxApp:

  • Tetrix – experience a modern version of your favorite classic Tetris game
  • Pacman – experience a modern version of your favorite classic Pacman game
  • Chess – strategize and win your way in your favorite chess game
  • Sudoku – sharpen your mind in your favorite number game
  • Calculator – does basic math and calculation for you
  • Delayed Cost – calculates the cost for a delayed project
  • Currency Converter – converts various currencies in an instant
  • World Clock – displays the time in different time zones
  • World Calendar – displays holidays and special events around the world
  • Thermometer – displays the current temperature in Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Calorie Calculator  – calculates the amount of calorie you spend in a day corresponding to your activities
  • Funny Quotes – displays, in random, funny and witty quotes from famous people around the globe
  • Count down  – tracks the time left for anything you’re expecting
  • Magic 8 ball – answers all your questions, and works just like magic
  • Age calculator – displays your age in different years or eras, and even, your age on other planets
  • World market watch – displays a live feed of the World market that enables you to monitor and compare how the world market fairs

For more information on installing the GBoxApp, watch the following video:

For more information on uninstalling the GBoxApp, watch the following video:

Go ahead and experience the GBoxApp now and enjoy all your favorite tools from one box!

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