Gboxapp – All In One Gadget

Virus Free Gboxapp – All In One Gadget

The Internet is already part of the everyday life of most people. It is used for work, studies and entertainment. Because of this, developers are continuously creating tools and programs to make browsing even more convenient to users. One of the newest applications that you can try is Gboxapp or GadgetBox. It offers important tools that you may find useful in one location. Whether you need calculator for your computation or you would like to play a game and relax, you don’t need to go elsewhere as everything is in one box; and that is GadgetBox! It is free from any malware and virus so your computer is safe.

 No, Gboxapp is NOT a Virus

A lot of people are asking if this new application is a virus. This fantastic program is 100% safe as it is completely free from virus or any other malicious software. Several people have tried downloading it on their computer and experienced nothing but convenience and fun. It doesn’t take much space on your system so it does not slow down your other programs or when browsing the web. Because of its rapidly increasing popularity, some of its competitors try to bring it down by spreading wrong information that it contains virus. Even if you run a scan on your computer, your antivirus protection will not detect it as a threat since this is a safe app. So if you are having second thoughts on downloading this program because of the said rumors, rest assured that your PC is safe. By using Gboxapp, you will have access to different gadgets, tools and fun apps in one place.


After downloading and installing the great and virus free GadgetBox on your computer, you can place a shortcut icon on your desktop for easy access. To do this, right click on the desktop, click Gadgets and double click on the Gboxapp icon. Click on the white button on the lower right corner of the icon to change your options to gadgets, fun or tools. Click Gadgets to access any of the applications below.

  • Delayed Cost – determine money lost for delayed projects.
  • Funny Quotes – get random quotes from well known people.
  • Age Calculator – determine your age in other planets and year figures.
  • Count Down – use this application for any count down.
  • Magic 8 Ball – you don’t need a psychic when you have this app.
  • World Market Watch – monitor indexes around the world with this widget.


Feel like playing a game? Gboxapp got you covered. Choose fun from the options and play any of these games.

  • Pacman
  • Tetrix
  • Sudoku
  • Chess


Choose the tools option to use any of the applications below.

  • Calculator – get the answer for simple to complicated computations with this tool.
  • Calorie Calculator – determine the total amount of calories consumed for the day.
  • Currency Converter – convert any currency quickly with this tool.
  • World Clock – want to find out what time is it on the other part of the world? Use the world clock tool.
  • World Calendar – learn about the special occasions and holidays in different countries by using this tool.
  • Thermometer – determine the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

All of these wonderful tools you can access in your Gboxapp. Download it now and experience the fun and convenience of this malware-free and virus-free app. This is not like any other free program that you download on the web that usually contains virus. GadgetBox is safe, tested and proven virus free!

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