Make Browsing Easier and More Enjoyable with GboxApp

I’m a big fan of multifunction and multipurpose software. It annoys having to run several separate programs just to perform small tasks like some calculations or currency conversions. Blame it on the makers of operating systems that until now you still have to do multiple clicks to be able to run programs that do ordinary tasks ideally bundled in a more intuitive interface. Thankfully, I’ve encountered GboxApp.

What Is GboxApp?

GboxApp is a software tool particularly designed for Internet users. It provides an extensive set of tools often used by those who frequent the Internet. An all-in-one package, this software makes it easy to access, interact, and have fun on the web. My only worry, though, is that the software does not seem to enjoy a good reputation online. Searching for “GboxApp” on Google leads to a number of sites that put it in bad light. Still, I’m giving it a try.

Tools Offered by GboxApp

The software provides various utility and entertainment applications. These applications make it more convenient to go online to do some research or work.

The utility applications include a calculator, cost management tool, calorie calculator, countdown timer, currency converter, world clock, world calendar, age calculator, thermometer, and a world market watch widget. I use separate applications similar to many of these. Having them in one interface is really something I appreciate. Of course, I tried other applications that could do something comparable but most of them required some fee so I end up just maximizing my trial period.

When it comes to entertainment applications, GboxApp offers a number of interesting games and trivial tools.  There’s the good old Pacman with a modernized look, the Tetris-based Tetrix game, random funny quotes, chess game, an 8-ball themed widget that answers questions, the challenging Sudoku game, and an age calculator that presents your age in various year figures using the year equivalents in other planets.

My Assessment

So far, I haven’t encountered hiccups using the software. My initial fears that it could possibly slow down my system were just fears after all. Everything worked nicely and snappily. By the way, my computer is still stuck on yesteryear’s hardware so I should say it’s really impressive how the software worked without causing problems.

Not a Malware

After some time of use, I can assure others who are interested in this software that it does not cause problems. Perhaps, the reason it has been tagged as a virus or malware is the lack of information about it. Many tend to be too cautious that freely-available but not so known applications are almost automatically considered as threats. Real tests may have not been on the software yet so antivirus tools are just trying to be overly cautious. Nevertheless, the GboxApp website comes with a McAfee SECURE seal.

GboxApp can be a useful application for web surfers. Based on my experience, it does not cause problems or any system slowdown. It may not be for everyone, though. The set of applications it provides may not address everyone’s needs. If you happened to install the software and found out that it’s not something you want or need, there should be no problems uninstalling it. Its website even provides a guide on uninstalling the software.

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